You can help us inspire greatness in tomorrow’s leaders with a Benedictine College donor-advised fund

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How does a donor-advised fund work?

You can think of a donor-advised fund (DAF) as a charitable piggy bank. Simply transfer cash, securities or other assets into your DAF and take an immediate tax deduction. There is no time frame in which you must distribute the funds. In this way your DAF… 

  • Allows you to be more thoughtful and strategic with your philanthropy.
  • Provides anonymity and privacy if desired.
  • Offers flexibility and control over which causes receive grants.
  • Allows for an immediate tax deduction and potential for itemizing a deduction in the same tax year.
Infographic: When you give cash or property now to your donor-advised fund, you receive an income tax deduction immediately. When you are ready you can recommend a grant from your donor-advised fund to a nonprofit.

Two Ways to Make a Gift from Your Donor-Advised Fund

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Step 1: Enter your donor-advised fund name into the tool below and press “GO.”

Step 2: Access your DAF account and make a one-time or recurring grant to Benedictine College in minutes.

Create Your Legacy

By naming Benedictine College as a beneficiary of your donor-advised fund, you can continue your legacy of transforming lives. Your generous gift will ensure that your name and your values live on for years to come.

Information for Beneficiary Designation

Legal name: Benedictine College
Federal tax ID number: 48-0777079
Address: 1020 N. 2nd Street, Atchison, KS 66002

Your Impact

“I always had a dream of going to college, [and] I would not have been able to come to Benedictine without a scholarship. With the help of mentors on campus, seniors, the coaching staff, and my professors, I was able to flourish.”

Tyler Shephard

There are many ways to use your donor-advised fund to make a powerful difference in one of our key impact areas. You can find out more about the opportunities available on our website.

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Tim Andrews, '88

Tim Andrews, '88

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