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Shared Vision

Shared Vision

In 2012, we embarked upon a bold campaign to strengthen three key areas of Benedictine College that will ensure its place as the top Catholic college in America:

  • Educating America’s future leaders
  • Building for greatness
  • Developing a world class faculty

The College is drawing close to success in each of these categories. Westerman Hall now has a new addition with 16 new labs (29 total labs now, plus a state-of-the-art machine shop, wood shop and computer labs) that will accommodate the rising number of students enrolled in the sciences. There are now 253 teaching positions across all departments. And now even more students have the opportunity to achieve their potential thanks to 58 new scholarships. All of this is possible because of people like you!

Progress like this is never ending, though.

Benedictine College will continue to strengthen its offerings so that we pass on the tradition of educating leaders who transform the world through their commitment to intellectual, personal, and spiritual greatness.

See how you can be a part of educating America’s future leaders in the Benedictine tradition.

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