Educate America’s Future Leaders

You Can Help Educate America’s Future Leaders

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Benedictine College’s goal is to enroll, engage and educate students who are capable of transforming the world through intellectual, personal and spiritual greatness. Many of our supporters like you share this objective.

Thanks to your commitment to excellence, Benedictine College is attracting more students—and higher achieving students—than ever before. Read about our real results here.

With your generous support and donations, we can continue attracting, educating and guiding students through the steps they’ll take to make an impact on the world.

Read more about goals for Educating America’s Future Leaders here.

You can help Benedictine College accomplish this goal with these strategies:

Create 6 New Student Program Endowments

You can specify that your gift be invested so the income earned on that gift will be spent for a specific purpose of your choice. Here are six student program endowment opportunities you might consider:

  • Great Books Program
  • Gregorian Fellows
  • Honors Program
  • Academic Club or Organization of your choosing
  • Academic Department of your choosing
  • Special projects within certain academic departments

Other non-academic programs you can endow:

  • Mission Trips
  • Hunger Coalition/Community Outreach
  • Athletics


A Worthy Goal: 100 New Scholarships by 2020

You can make an impact by supporting our goal of 100 new scholarships by 2020. This effort will change the lives of students and create future leaders in communities across the globe— leaders instilled with community, faith and scholarship.

No student who belongs at Benedictine College should be denied this unique education because of a lack of resources. If you help us add 100 new scholarships, together we will ensure deserving students have this great opportunity.


Increase the Annual Fund to Sustain Success

The Benedictine College Fund is the lifeblood of the educational mission of the college. By investing here, supporters like you:

  • Fuel innovative academic programs
  • Support their favorite Benedictine organization, department or athletic team
  • Grow the college’s faith formation initiatives
  • Support vital student scholarships


Discover how you can Educate America’s Future Leaders.

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Recently made permanent, those age 701/2 and older can make contributions directly from their IRA accounts to Benedictine College. This saves you from paying tax on that income while investing in the mission of Benedictine College. Learn more about legacy giving here.

When you make a memorial gift in someone’s honor, Benedictine College will send an acknowledgement to the family or person you would like to memorialize. Learn more here.

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