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YOU can help educate the future scientists of America

Amazing, isn’t it? When you consider the countless variety of life on earth, there’s no doubt there’s still so much more to be learned about the incredible gift of God’s creation. It’s in this spirit of discovery that alumni and friends, like you, have established an endowment for the Benedictine College Biology Department. This endowment enables one talented student every year to investigate, understand and care for all the diversity of life the earth sustains. Because this endowment gives only the brightest, most deserving high school graduates a chance to study biology at Benedictine College, we are currently looking for more support that will allow successive generations of students to become leaders in biology, anatomy, medicine and ecology, among others.

The Biology Department’s five full-time faculty members teach a wide range of courses from Plant Biology, to Developmental Biology, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Animal Behavior, Mechanisms of Evolutionary change and Kansas Vertebrates Natural History. They are a passionate and highly gifted group, each a Ph.D. trained scientist and a leader in his or her field. Not only are they focused on world-class research, but also the pursuit of their findings goes hand-in-hand with their students’ quality education. Biology students at Benedictine College have the advantage of participating in groundbreaking original research, which uniquely prepares them for a career or graduate and professional programs.

By supporting the Biology Endowment, you can give an eager young student access to a living classroom—in the form of the Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area, an approximately 2,000-acre mitigation area owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. The Biology Department also curates an active herbarium with approximately 7,000 specimens, some dating back to the 19th century, with a special emphasis on local and regional flora. In addition to an extensive collection of bird, mammal, fish and invertebrate specimens, Benedictine College biology majors have access to some of the finest laboratory equipment available, including a complete C. elegans RNAi library, an MJ Mini Personal Thermal Cycler, numerous monocular and dissecting light microscopes and Vernier physiology equipment.

“The Biology Endowment Scholarship presents an amazing opportunity to students,” said Benedictine College President Stephen Minnis. “Because students who are studying biology today have such amazing potential, I want to see this endowment grow to enable more budding biologists to study here. They could change the future in everything from stronger, pest-resistant crops to the cure of deadly diseases.”

We would be very pleased to hear about what you would like to see the next generation of biologists achieve, especially if they are educated at Benedictine College.

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