Freshman year, I was attending Kansas State and my friend since first grade, Amy, was enrolled at Benedictine. My friend, Karen, was also attending Kansas State and we drove to Atchison to visit Amy and Karen’s sister. Both Karen and I transferred to Benedictine our sophomore year. My now husband arrived at Benedictine his freshman year, sight unseen. Coach Wilcox recruited him to play football and he decided not to play, but stayed at Benedictine. We met at Benedictine and have been married for 30 years. Our friends that we made at Benedictine are still our friends today. One of the reasons our children chose Benedictine was the way that we talked about our friendships from Benedictine. Teachers that we hold dear to our hearts are Mr. McCarthy, Dr. Coronado, and Sr. Julia Wilkinson. We have two daughters that graduated from Benedictine: Cabrini, who is an RN at KU Med, and Gabriella, who is completing her last year at Washburn law school and has already had an offer to practice at a law firm. Giovanni is a current student at Benedictine, and our youngest daughter Isabella will be soon. We have attended several of our reunions. I am so proud of what Benedictine has become under the leadership of Steve Minnis. I hope that Benedictine will continue to be a beacon of Catholic education in the state of Kansas and throughout the entire United States and for international students. I hope that Benedictine will continue to enable students to achieve academic excellence. I completely trust, respect, and am in awe of the success of Benedictine College under the guidance of our Blessed Mother.